Tuesday, 30 October 2007


The problem of Metro congestion in East Boldon was highlighted in the Gazette yesterday, but this time in a positive way. After nearly two years of campaigning, the Council have finally decided to restrict parking times at the shops and place yellow lines on the approach to the station. Traffic will be forced further onto the side streets, but pressure for residents parking schemes will remove this problem.

I am glad no mention is made of the “pedestrian bay” at this stage. Contrary to various claims, I didn’t object to the bay: I outlined certain safety issues and merely stated that it would be safer place 20 yards further to the left! Mind you, so did six other petitioners, so I can’t understand why I was the only one highlighted. (Perhaps certain people should be less selective with the information they leak!) With the reduction in banked up traffic, the bay may not be required as people should be able to cross the road safely. Time will tell on this issue.

It will still be three months till these measures are completed, but hopefully the area will stop resembling a car park.

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