Monday, 15 October 2007


“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”
Mark Twain

Whilst I would never claim to have the same literary prowess as the great Mark Twain, the rumours that I would never post comments again have been slightly overplayed. To cut a very long story short, after a protracted 10 week argument with Orange Broadband, I finally have a connection, all be it with a different company. The delay was further exasperated with the onset of a broken thumb: try typing with your hand in a plaster! Never mind, let’s move on and begin with a little bit of a history lesson.

The origins of this site are rooted firmly in the ramblings which were originally posted on the blog below:
“Rise Like Lions”

Due to a problem with passwords and changed email addresses, regaining access to the site and the ability to start posting again was going to be extremely problematic and time consuming. The site and its contents were also a “time and a place”, and in many ways things have moved on, quite literally in many ways. Adopting the old adage “a new broom” etc, I have decided to go with a new name, new approach etc. However, many things on this site will prove familiar to those who used to visit the Lions pages. I had great fun with “That Was The Week That Was” (you might not have but I did) and I will continue to use this format every Friday. “The Sunday Roast” will also survive the cull: what else are Sundays for if not devouring the tabloids with a pot of Earl Grey! I shall also upgrade the links section and various side bars: just give me a little time. Sadly, some bugbears still remain. South Tyneside Council still manages to provide the public with some amazing howlers of ineptitude and skulduggery. If you check out my posts on the Lions site from the summer you will see that I highlighted concerns about South Tyneside Homes and its financial status: recent events have proved me right. The scenario surrounding Gypsies Green Stadium and a proposed hotel development is also starting to give of a little bit of a pong to say the least. I shall post more on this issue later, together with the details of a meeting I attended with the heads of the Council’s cultural and leisure staff. The state of national politics is also pretty fertile for comment: Gordon Brown should be reported “missing (in)action” and David Cameron, whilst enjoying a somewhat belated resurgence, is still Hugh Grant’s stunt man. As for the Liberals……….

Well there you have it, the first post and its business as usual. Now were are those Freedom of Information enquires concerning Gypsies Green and Tavistock pizzas……………


Curly said...

Welcome back old chum!

rossinisbird said...

Welcome back Peter!