Thursday, 25 October 2007


Those of you who have followed my various ramblings over the last year will be aware that I have a great affection for the Private Eye magazine. Its political approach, no nonsense reporting and satirical outlook have greatly influenced my own views and thoughts on how we are governed etc. Every year somebody buys me a subscription for my birthday – I am happy because I get something I want and their happy because they don’t have to buy something I don’t want!

A lot of what appears in the Eye never hits the bigger papers, not because it’s untrue (though they have been in court on some very high profile occasions!) but mainly because it challenges the system to a degree which is to uncomfortable for the likes of the BBC, Murdoch et al.

Every couple of weeks I will be highlighting some of the more revealing items that appear in the publication. Look upon it as a little bit of further enlightenment in an otherwise very restricted media world!

Here we go then, five little items of less than fully reported news!

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