Monday, 22 October 2007


Poor old fellow South Tyneside blogger Councillor Ernest Gibson has been on the receiving end of some less than courteous comments, if his posts are anything to go by. Together with Councillor Bill Brady, the duo has set up a community blog to cover the Whiteleas and Parkway Ward. Sunday’s post highlights how Mr Gibson received what can only be described as an abusive mobile phone call, the attack focusing on something or somebody he has posted on or about.
To be honest I don’t know Mr Gibson or Mr Brady, and as Councillors I have little knowledge of their activities. However, all credit to them for setting up a blog of this nature: it is commendable that they use any means possible to both inform the public of what they as representatives have been doing for the people who elected them. It is also encourages the public to contact them more freely with the details of issues they feel are important.
However, nobody should receive calls of this nature and they both have my full support in highlighting the problem. I can find nothing contentious or insulting in any posts they have to date printed (believe me, I know what contentious posts entail!) so carry on as normal Councillors and I hope you only receive constructive and dignified criticisms, if you receive any at all.

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