Friday, 26 October 2007


The Shields Gazette is already reporting on yesterday’s demonstration outside the Town Hall. The article is pretty favourable, and contains a direct quote from this web site on the seven minute debacle which was the Council meeting.

The last line of the article, though not misleading, does not acknowledge the full facts.

“The campaigners planned to picket a meeting of East Shields community area forum, held at the town's Ridgeway Family Centre in Park Avenue, but it failed to materialise.”

A local TV news channel had promised to meet demonstrators either at the Town Hall at 2.30 p.m. or if they could not make it, Gypsies Green Stadium at 6 p.m. As they failed to turn up at the Town Hall, demonstrators deemed it better for the campaign to favour TV news coverage first, the CAF second. They naturally went to the sea front for 6 p.m, only to be faced once again with the reporters not turning up. Sadly, they were not able to get back to the CAF in time to stage a protest. This makes the matter a little clearer, and I can assure readers that it was not a reflection of any lack of application by SOS members.

Catch the article in the paper or the link below.


David MacLean said...
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Curly said...

Doesn't exactly bolster your faith in broadcast journalists!