Sunday, 28 October 2007


With the Sunday Independent leading on secret government funding of GM crops, the Times going with a royal sex scandal and a blackmail attempt (god, not that again) it is the Telegraph’s coverage of another less than truthfull Labour MP which has caught my eye. James Purnell, Culture Secretary, recently made the headlines when he was air brushed into a photo call picture he had missed. What made matters worse was that he criticised television companies who had faked TV footage. Purnell denied that he knew of the faked photo, and the problem appeared to have gone away. However, like his image, it has suddenly reappeared. The Sunday Telegraph has discovered emails showing clearly that Purnell knew of the deceit before the photo was printed and not later as he had publicly claimed. He now faces calls for his resignation. The issue here is not the actual photo, but the fact that despite Blair’s exit, Labour ministers are still prepared to follow the culture of spin and lies with no concept of the position of public office. Brown refuses to comment on the issue, Downing Street remains tight lipped and Parnell refuses to go. Same old problem, same old lies, it’s just the faces which have changed.

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