Monday, 5 May 2008

(Self) Felled Councillor

Poor old Councillor David Potts (Con, Cleadon and East Boldon) – today’s Gazette is reporting that he wasn’t able to attend the local Election count on Thursday as some one had given him a bloody nose and a black eye. Luckily the culprit was "himself" and not some doorman who didn’t know who he was. Also lucky for me to – I may have found myself top of the list of suspects and at the mercy of a police interview.

Apparently Councillor Potts was unconscious for 10 hours – he obviously thought he was at a full Council meeting along with his side kicks representing the “Rip Van Winkle” Party.

Talking of suspects, Councillor Rob Dix (Labour, Harton) will find himself up in front of the beaks this Wednesday over his racial comment allegation (if all goes legally to plan that is – Councillors have a habit of avoiding the law).


Surely not a bye -election so soon after the local count?


Anonymous said...

As if, does he think that we will believe him? I have it on good authority that someone 'chinned'him
Not before time.
The iratating little shit

Anonymous said...

Ouch ... I bet that hurt. Looks like a very precise 'fall' or was it carefully targeted blow? I'm sure all will be 'revealed' in the fullness of time.

Anonymous said...

Adi Amen are you saying that the far fetched story in the Gazette is bullshit and he didn’t really fall? His explanation is a bit hard to believe which might be the reason why hardly anyone appears to have been taken in it. Take a look at the other local blogs like Tyne Dock Green and Curly’s Corner Shop they both hint that something else was to blame.

Anonymous said...

Come on folks, taking the mickey is one thing but have some sympathy it looks bloody painful. Having said that I’m not sure I would have wanted to share my pain in quite the same way David Potts has done i.e. all over the pages of the Gazette.

Anonymous said...


Last King of Scotland, would you care to point out the apparent "hint" in this post?

I cannot see it myself.