Thursday, 8 May 2008

Judas No 2

Talking of controversy, the Hebburn Town Centre debacle rumbles on.

Councillor McAtominey is quoted in today’s Gazette as saying that when it comes to the best bidder for the town centre regeneration, money was “just part of the equitation”.

Sadly, McAtominey is economical with the truth – Tesco’s are involved - money is the centre of the equation.

Read the “Private Eye” magazine Councillor, if indeed you can! If this super store is involved, then money is the issue, and South Tyneside Council wants to trouser the lot, regardless of who objects.

Even Councillor Nancy Maxwell (who she? surely they are not related) has dropped a clanger.

“Come back in 5 years and people will be thrilled” she says of the development.

That assumes Nancy, that in 5 years you still have a Council seat!

Roll on 2010!

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