Friday, 9 May 2008

Eye Eye!

Rumours are gathering force that Councillors David Potts (Con) rather public exhibition of a bloody nose and black eye are not all they seem to be. Wild and wonderful parties have been mentioned, over indulgence has risen its ugly head and dodgy pavements outside of certain watering holes are in the frame. Even his good old buddy at the Corner Slop has had a dig at his black eye Pity his wasn’t so vocal about his lack of attendance at Council meetings.

Do(g)dy throat, dodgy eye, dodgy nose – what ever next for the poor afflicted Councillor? Dodgy…… whmmm.... I wonder if the Chief Whip has anything to add!

Lets face it, whilst a 10 hour knock out for a nose bleed seems a bit strong, who really cares?

Well apparently the Private Eye magazine and the Chancellor do!
Sources reveal that both the magazine and No 11 have been more than happy to receive the Gazettes picture of said Potts with “Billy Bunter” eye for the forthcoming national election, whenever it may come.

Who in Scotland would vote for an (English) man this mug shot on his election address?

Whoever advised Councillor Potts to allow his picture to appear in our local paper should be sacked.

If not, at least punched in the eye!

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Anonymous said...

What's Billy been up to with the Chuckle Brothers then? Not sure what the WI's in Scotland will make of Pott's love in with the Chuckle Brothers.