Monday, 5 May 2008

A to B

As South Tyneside Council goes through the (Labour) mechanisms of a new elected leader, the usual throw back to the “A” and “B” team scenario has once again reared its rather embarrassing head.

First of the blocks was Ian Malcolm, with the poisoned chalice firmly in the hands of his bank balance; now it appears that Michael Clare may have appeared as an “I, Claudius” candidate!.
The “B” candidates have been sucked in by a certain “Me Myself and Irene” syndrome.

Good luck to them. Who needs a liability beginning with "M"!

Either way, if a South Shields Councillor assumes the “Don” position, then the Jarrow Wards will demand second stage.

Oh God, what a mess the Labour Party is in!

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Anonymous said...

Ah the 'sweety shop' approaches.