Sunday, 11 May 2008

Abbott and Potts - Comedy Duo

Whilst aid might not be able to reach Burma, over at The Chief Whip’s office, news has been released of a couple of committee position “free” hand outs

As we all suspected George “Judas” Elsom has been given a committee position as a reward for putting his wife up for election in the Beacon and Bents Ward. Olive’s inclusion on the ballot paper as an “Independent” was purely aimed at splitting the vote. The voters weren’t fooled however and she only polled 43. I suspect poor old George will pay a severe price for his treachery when he is next up for re election. We have all seen what happens when the Independent Alliance works a ward – they win!

As to Abbott and Potts (weren’t they a comedy duo in the 40’s and 50’s – sorry that was Abbott and Costello) surely their appointments have nothing to do with the fact that Labour is desperate to avoid the creation of an “opposition block” of councillors. How better to diffuse the situation than draw some of the main players into the committee system. However, they needn’t have bothered – the comedy duo has never opposed anything in the Chamber for years so their silence hardly needed to be bought.

Here’s the prediction – Liberal Democrat and Conservative Party support for Labour policies over the next 12 months. Let’s start of with the TOP’s report.

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Anonymous said...

You dont think McAtominey gave Potts a black eye do you because he got nothing and Potts did.