Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lady Linda – Intrepid Explorer!

As a footnote to the local election proceedings, I have via my travels managed to somehow accumulate election material from every Borough ward.

If it actually interests anybody, the worst material originated from the printing press of The Progressives, who despite years of political experience, managed to make an Asda receipt more interesting than their election address. Naturally, I found the Independent Alliance’s pamphlets generic but targeted for the wards they were distributed in. The Labour Party’s were professional but long winded and boring, and the Conservatives lacked enthusiasm and commitment. As for the Liberal Democrats – they were yellow, which mirrors their political stance!

As I file them all away for posterity, I can’t help but laugh at Joanne Bell’s (Labour) effort in the Boldon Colliery Ward. Quoting direct she says of Independent Alliance candidate Ed Keller:

“Do you want (a candidate)…who is not standing as an Independent Councillor in his own ward? (The Bede Ward, Jarrow) Why not?”

The reverse of the sheet then goes on to mention Ward Councillor Linda Waggot, virtually describing her as the “Patron Saint of Schools”. It fails to mention of course, that the Lady Linda does not live in the Boldon Colliery Ward, but in fact in the voting district of Fellgate and Hedworth. She does in fact live at the top of Ed Keller’s street. It also fails to mention that whilst highlighting the Bede Ward, a certain election there two years ago rejected said Lady Linda, mainly because…..she didn’t live in the Ward!

Political acumen? Media sensitivities? Creative abilities? Attention to detail? Sadly these are gifts that deserted the South Shields Labour Party many moons ago, and ones which on recent evidence, will never return.


Michael said...

I only got two leaflets, one from Labour and one from the Independents. Again, I thought too much space on the Independents' leaflet was devoted to attacking Labour: most people know the reasons not to vote for Labour already, what they need are reasons to vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Valid point!

Anonymous said...

Cllr. Khan,

I don't suppose your election material comprised of much negative campaigning and targeted personal attacks on your principle opponent then?

I'm still waiting to hear what the Independents policies are on regeneration, housing, education, social services, tourism, financial control, service delivery etc. etc.

Perhaps you will try and concentrate a few minds in formulating some attractive policies over the next two years.