Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Word According to McCabe!

Poor old Councillor John McCabe (Labour - Hebburn South) has today objected to his Independent opposition election candidate (Stephen Rhodes) referring to him as a “Judas” for crossing the floor to the Labour side when he was elected 4 years ago (Mr McCabe was elected originally as an Independent).

I surprised that this pre election knock about even made the Gazette – the election period normally puts pay to publicity for this type of verbal spat. Mind you, they may have run the story just for McCabe’s final comment:

“And I must point out that Judas was still a disciple of Jesus”.

Now who would Jesus be then – surely not Malcolm or Waggott! Perhaps we should be told who thinks they can walk on water.

Either way, the paper will have to politically balance the article by allowing Mr Rhodes a reply.


Anonymous said...

In case its slipped your mind Mr McCabe Judas was the disciple who betrayed our Lord Jesus and then killed himslef because he could not live with what he had done. So where should the people you betrayed send the rope to?

born again christian said...

This from a man who preaches about his loyalty to the Catholic faith and his Beloved team Sunderland.
Well Brother John when you walked the floor it is like you standing there preaching about the Orange lodge whilst wearing a Newcastle shirt you Judas B*******.