Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Time for a Breather!

It’s April 1st, but as I look at my work diary for the next four weeks or so, I wonder who the fool is. Local news is slow at the moment – with the local elections looming there will be no loose talk or veiled comments, and there will certainly be no "green" documents. All things South Tyneside will only begin again on May 2nd when the election results are known (something also tells me that this is one of the most important local elections in this Borough certainly for the last two decades).

Now therefore seems a good time to have a little bit of a breathier and tie up a few loose ends etc. Posts will continue, but no to the same degree as the last 5 months. Rest assured however, us local commentators are an opinionated bunch and as such cannot keep our mouths shut on any issue. So keeping checking the site because there will always be something to read.

Especially on May 2nd – now there's a date for your diary.

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Ahmed said...

What a day to take a breather! Take a look at http://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/Councillor-arrested-in-39racial39-parking.3933902.jp to see how things are hotting up if your a labour councillor working for ParcelForce.