Sunday, 13 April 2008

Fancy a Bargain?


Anonymous said...

nice cartoon Peter, but when are you going to reply to Curly's accusations against you?

Anonymous said...

If you mean curly's shouldnt the sign say due to lack of custom, after all people look to be shopping elsewhere, here for example.

No. 100 said...

Why should there be any response?

The same people who comment under three different names here did the same thing at the Corner Shop before the boycott, but he didn't complain then. Why?

If people want to write anonymously on a blog, why 'expose' them for it? That is, unless he wants comments to disappear from blogs altogether here in the borough.

And if it's just the same handful of people banging on under the same name, why worry what allegations are thrown around?

Why doesn't Curly expose Sless, Ginger Geordie, Local Lass or Vicky, to name just a few?

Why doesn't he name every single member of the messageboard on the South Shields Sanddancers forum? I'm sure if someone started digging around there you'd find plenty of slurs.

Dodo said...

NO 100, You've hit the nail on the head, Curly just can't bear the thought that people might want to 'shop' elsewhere.
As for the accusations in Curly's Bargain Basement it seems people are wise to the fact that the proprietor has spat his dummy out and is too busy sulking to see the bigger picture.
My advice to Curly is keep it up I'm sure someone kind soul will buy you a new ball for christmas.

King Kev said...

Nice graphic, but should'nt the sign read 'due to relocation' to Labour Party HQ? Interesting choice of colour in derby week well done bonny lad.