Monday, 14 April 2008

Keeping your powder dry!

In response to a couple of emails, thanks for the kind words re the pictures from The Sand Dancer 10k last week. It is strange to see snow at this time of year, and with the runners finishing the race with open blue skies, we certainly witnessed the full gambit of British weather that day. In answer to a comment, I have decided to start a daily photo section, beginning on May 3rd when I will be returning to a more regular pattern of posting. Feel free to use any of the pictures I post, particularly those who have emigrated and yearn for news from “home”.

Other people however, have been clearly very busy. Its rather gratifying knowing that you have caused certain individuals so much discomfort that they have to spend hours festering away trying to find ways to knock you down. Luckily for me I have more rewarding things to do in my life, particularly at the moment, but more about that later.

That does leave the issue of what to do about various comments and issues that have been raised. Should I lower myself or should I take the moral high ground and leave it in the gutter where it belongs?

Tactics, dear boy, tactics!

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King Kev said...

Go for it bonny lad, can't wait to see the results. Take heed mind, stay away from the fair or you could end up like Curly.