Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Clegg - Over

I used to think that life as a Liberal Democrat must be a pretty mundane existence. However, an article carried by “GQ” magazine reveals a side to Nick Clegg which so far has gone unnoticed by the media and Play Boy. “Clegg-Over” not only reveals his drinking habits, but lets the electorate the number of women he has slept with, a round figure of about 30. Before we all jump to conclusions about dirty Nicks bedroom habits, perhaps he has used the word “sleep” in its truest sense. Have you ever read a Liberal Democrat manifesto – it is the safest cure to insomnia I have ever come across. Here is how Cleggie’s warm up patter may have gone:

CLEGG OVER – “Here darling, have a look at this for size” (Hands over manifesto to young lady)
YOUNG LADY: “Oh, Nick, you are naughty. OK then, just a quick look….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Or something like that.

Clegg is quoted as saying on the Charles Kennedy drink problem that it would have been “pretty hard” to run the country as an alcoholic. Perhaps not as hard as he thinks – George Brown is giving it a go and he’s a fool!


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